Servicing Packages

Take a look at the comprehensive bike servicing packages we offer listed below.  Our experienced staff will be happy to talk through your individual requirements.  Ensure that your bike is clean before you bring it in.

£30.00 Tune up

This includes checking and adjusting the gears and brakes as necessary plus a full bike safety inspection. Note: Wheel true/tension and bearing adjustment/service is NOT included.  Therefore  tune ups are aimed at cycles which are in good condition but require work to improve performance between service intervals. Note that untrue wheels and/or loose bearings will severely affect brake performance.  So we recommend our service option if wheels are not in good condition so as to avoid disappointment.

£45.00 Service

This includes full check and adjustment of the gears, brakes.  Also including wheel true and tensioning, bearing adjustments (hubs, BB, and headset) and comprehensive safety check. Any accessories bought from us are usually fitted free of charge at the same time. In conclusion this is by far and away our most popular service, catering for the majority of cycles.

£75.00 Overhaul

First of all, this includes all of the features of the £35 service PLUS stripping the bike back to bare frame and components. In addition every component is thoroughly cleaned, inspected and re-assembled with the correct lubricant for each application.  Hubs are overhauled and we ensure the frame reamed and faced as required for correct fitting.  This will prolong the life of headset and bottom bracket. Our staff also check frame alignment, where appropriate disc mounts are also faced for best possible brake performance. As with the service any accessories bought from us will be fitted free of additional charge at the same time.